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1 HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR CACTI J Pilbeam 1984 80 pages

2 HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR SUCCULENTS J Pilbeam 1984 80 pages

3 CACTI OF TEXAS AND NEIGHBOURING STATES Del Weniger 1984 356 pages paperback. A field guide, well illustrated in colour with plants in habitat.

4 COLOURFUL CACTI AND OTHER SUCCULENTS OF THE DESERT Edgar and Brian Lamb 1974, 236 pages. Paperback. Mainly North American species but a wider range than the previous book. Many colour photos mostly in habitat.

5 AN INTRODUCTION TO CACTI AND OTHER SUCCULENT PLANTS R B Ivimey-Cook 1984 78 Pages. A BCSS booklet for beginners illustrated in black and white only. Some cultural information but more a survey of available species.

6 MERITORIOUS MAMMILLARIAS W F Maddams 1980. A 44 page Mammillaria Society booklet in black and white only. A personal selection of 40 species described individually.

7,8 BRADLEY 1983-5. The well-known series of publications from

9 US Journals Ocassionally the US Journals devote a whole issue to a particular genus, or a special topic. These are useful for amplifying the information given in the text books. In addition they contain a lot of excellent photographs. See Supplementary List.

10 THE SUCCULENT EUPHORBIAS David V Brewerton, 1975, 48 pages. A BCSS booklet illustrated in black and white photos and line drawings.

11 THE ADENIUM AND PACHYPODIUM HANDBOOK G Rowley, 1983, 95 pages. A BCSS booklet in black and white only.

12 THE GENUS REBUTIA B Fearn and L Pearcy, 1981, 80 pages. An Abbey Brook booklet.

13 THE COLLINGRIDGE BOOK OF CACTI AND OTHER SUCCULENTS Thomas C Rochford, 1983, 108 pages. Colour drawings. Large format introductory book with cultural notes and a map showing distribution of main families.

14 BCSS JOURNALS Separate Journals list in preparation.

15 CACTI AND OTHER SUCCULENTS J Kramer, 1977, 160 pages, 188 illustrations with 67 in colour. Well written guide but beware of cultural notes intended for Americans who can grow plants outside.

16 THE CACTUS HANDBOOK Erik Haustein, 320 pages. Cacti only but with nearly 500 colour photos. (unfortunately missing).

17 LITHOPS Brian Fearn, 1981, 69 pages. A BCSS booklet illustrated with black and white photos.

18 THE IDENTIFICATION OF ESCOBARIAS Nigel Taylor 1986. A 10 page booklet reprint with 5 black and white and 14 colour photos.

19 GYMNOCALYCIUMS E W Putnam, 1978, 74 pages. Another BCSS booklet in black and white only.

20 CACTI Terry Hewitt 2002, 63 pages, many excellent colour photographs. Wide ranging in spite of low page count, and especially good for beginners.

21 CHOICE MAMMILLARIAS Brian Fearn and Lesley Pearcy, 19882, 88 pages. Another Abbey Brook booklet. Black and white with colour on rear cover. Similar to but possibly an improvement on 'Meritorious Mammillarias'.

22 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SUCCULENTS G D Rowley. 255 pages, 304 colour photos. A good read of succulent plants, their biology and relationships.

23 CACTI - A WISLEY HANDBOOK (RHS) Clive Innes 1987. A 63 page booklet with colour photos, cultural notes and a survey of species.

24 CACTUS BASICS Tony and Suzanne Mace 2006, 128 pages, numerous colour photos. A comprehensive guide to cultivation and care. Ideal beginner's book with excellent illustrations and full of expert advice.

25 CACTI AND SUCCULENTS P Chapman and M Martin. 1982, 160 pages. 150 described alphabetically. Colour photos and line drawings.

26 THE NEW GROWING THE MESEMBS Ed Storms 1986. Strange title. A small 60 page booklet enthusiastically written and lavishly illustrated with colour photos, including many in habitat. Good introduction to Mesembryanthemums and should have our own insert with cultural notes.

27 THE GENUS ECHINOCEREUS Nigel Taylor 1986. 160 pages, 12 colour colour plates (drawings), many text figuires and maps. A survey of systematics and distribition of Echnocereus. Probably the definitive work at present.

28 ARIOCARPUS et cetera John Pilbeam and Bill Weightman 2006. Sub-titled 'The special, smaller genera of Mexican cacti' which it covers comprehensively with commentary on genera and species. These include ACHARAGMA, ARIOCARPUS, ASTROPHYTUM, AZTEKIUM, CUMARINIA, EPITHELANTHA, GEOHINTONIA, LEUCHTENBERGIA, LOPHOPHORA, NEOLLOYDIA, OBREGONIA, ORTEGOCACTUS, PELECYPHORA, STENOCACTUS, STROMBOCACTUS, TOUMEYA, TURBINICARPUS. Also copiously illustrated with good colour photos, and a lot in habitat.

29 CACTI - THE ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY Rod and Ken Preston-Mafham. 1991, 224 pages and well over 1000 colour photos. Little text but covers all globular cacti including Echinocereus and surpasses most single genus books for identification purposes. Excellent appendix on alternative names, and a comprehensive, diagrammatic explanation of botanical names.

30 SULCOREBUTIA AND WEINGARTIA - A COLLECTORS GUIDE J Pilbeam 1985. 144 pages. Numerous photos in colour and black and white. Well produced but does not add much information to that provided by the previous book.

31 CACTI AND SUCCULENTS (Hamlyn Guide) Rudolf Subik, 1968, 266 pages Beginners book with cultural notes. Describes 67 cacti and 29 succulents each with a colour drawing of indifferent quality.

32 CACTI E Shurly 1959, 160 pages, 15 colour plates each illustrating about 5 plants (drawings).

33&34 Additional copies of Nos 1 and 2.

35 NAME THAT SUCCULENT G Rowley. 1980, 268 pages. Illustrated with line drawings only, but good coverage of other succulents.

36 COLLINGRIDGE GUIDE TO HOUSEPLANTS, CACTI, AND SUCCULENTS Davidson and Rochford 1976, 192 pages - as No 13 plus section on houseplants.

37 DECORATIVE CACTI Rudolf Subik 1971, 132 pages. Includes succulents. Looks like a rehash of No 31.

38 PLANT JEWELS OF THE HIGH COUNTRY Helen Payne 1972, 145 pages. Personal acvcount of Sempervivums and hardy Sedums. Colour photos throughout.

39 ECHEVERIA Eric Walther, 1972, 426 pages. Mainly black and white but some colour plates. Considerable botanical detail, but a thorough treatment.

40 SUCCULENTS OF SOUTH AFRICA B P Barkhuizen 1978, 222 pages. Colour and black and white photos. Wide subject and gives more coverage to some groups than others. (Now missing).

Clive Innes 1977, 224 pages. Fewer colour plates than the later edition, and a completely different format. 'Succukents in habitat' is followed by 'Cultivation of Succulents' and a Directory of plants. Both 41 and 41a can be read with profit. There is much to be said for this earlier edition.

41 HANDBOOK OF CACTI AND SUCCULENTS Clive Innes 1988, 176 pages. Colour plates throughout. Goes through cacti and succulents genus by genus alphabetically. Succulent section includes unusual plants. You can see part of Clive Inness' collection in the picture on the 'Contacts' page; he ran Holly Gate Nursery at one time.

42 DISCOCACTUS A F H Buining 224 pages, paperback. Numerous photos in black and white and colour, and line drawings. A specialist book.

43 SUCCULENTS - A GLOSSARY OF TERMS AND DESCRIPTIONS R B Ivimey-Cook. 1974, 90 pages. Ring-bound booklet published by NCSS. No illustrations but packed with explanations of botanical terms and descriptions of genera.

44 HOW TO KNOW THE CACTI E Yale Dawson, 1993, 158 pages, Black and white photos and drawings. A key to North American cacti with some description of species.

45 MAMMILLARIA HANDBOOK Craig 1945, reprint 1975, 310 pages Black and white photos. An old classic on Mammillarias.

46 CORYPHANTA AND ASSOCIATED GENERA Ian Lawrie 1988, 72 pages. A BCSS booklet, black and white photos..

47 GLOSSARY OF BOTANICAL TERMS WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO SUCCULENT PLANTS Urs Eggli/BCSS. 1963, 109 pages. Paperback book illustrated with line drawings. Probably the greatest depth of coverage of this topic.

48 THELOCACTUS John P Pilbeam 1996, 56 pages, 40 colour photos. The first 'Cactus File' Handbook. Full treatment with distribution maps. cultivation notes and checklist.

49 CACTI AS HOUSE PLANTS W E Shewell-Cooper and T C Rochford Sub-title is 'Flowers of the Desert in Your Home'. 1973, 152 pages, Black and white photos plus 24 excellent colour ones, particularly the Rhipsalidopsis rosae

50 CITES CACTACEAE CHECKLIST Compiled by David Hunt (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew). 1st edition, 1992, 190 pages. Perhaps the most important and useful book in the Cactaceae literature, and too detailed to summarise. CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is the very effective guardian of habitat in general. Some chapter headings show the scope of the book. Part I (20 pages) includes 'Sources of names in current usage', 'Generic classification', and 'Species names in current usage'. Part II (pages 21-32) is a 'List of genera and principal synonyms'. Part III (pages 33-144) is a 'General checklist of binomials'. Part IV is 'Regional checklists'. An interesting point is that Roberto Kiesling (one of the authors in our Travelers' Tales 2 book) is listed as an adviser to CITES.

51 SUCCULENTS II - THE NEW ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY M Sajeva and M Costanzo, 2000, 234 pages. Fairly comprehensive. Some colour plates leave something to be desired.

52 INTRODUCTION TO THE EUPHORBIACEAE Albert Pritchard 2003, 64 pages. Described as "a brief but comprehensive excursion into the family"

53 CAUDICIFORM AND PACHYCAUL SUCCULENTS: G D Rowley 1987, 282 pages. Full title is 'Caudiciform and Pachycaul Succulents: Pachycauls, Bottle-, Barrel-And-Elephant-Trees and Their Kin a Collector's Miscellany'. A 'caudiciform' being a plant having a caudex, and a caudex being a woody or fleshy 'stem'.

54 MAMMILLARIA John Pilbeam 1999. This is the Cactus File Handbook No 6, 376 pages, Up-to-date and comprehensive. Excellent colour photos and habitat maps.

55 CULTIVATION OF THE MESEMBRYANTHEMACEAE Prof G Schwantes 1954. This classic volume was edited by E W Shurley and published by Blandford for the Garden Book Club at 15 shillings (75p). The scarcity of books on mesembs makes this a very valuable addition to our library.

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